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The human future is in our hands. The nature of the human future will be determined by a small minority of the human populace – the moral protagonists. We propose a process that facilitates one's becoming a moral protagonist and we seek to locate, motivate, and guide those individuals in attainment of higher moral states.

Precepts: We begin our quest with a few precepts. If these lie outside your consideration, then we lack a basis for discussion...

  1. “God” is the Creator of the Universe.  

  2. “Creation” was a purposeful intelligent action by God.

  3. “Evolution” is a process of unfolding that we observe in the Universe.

  4. "Morality” is the standard of what is right that arises from God.

  5. “Ethics” are human-created rules to guide right action.

  6. “God’s Will” is reflective of divine purpose.

  7. Human “will” is what drives us towards purpose and accomplishment.

Some elements we work from:

  1. Evolution serves as a guide to God’s Purpose.

  2. The evolution of ethics is our purpose.

  3. Humans are expected to take control of evolution.

  4. Creativity is a measure of evolutionary success.

  5. We can create creativity.

  6. Spiritual transformation is the next evolutionary step.

  7. Discerning God’s Will is the primary role of the moral protagonist in the human future.



"We should do our best to share the Evolutionary Ethic with everyone we meet, without being pushy and trying to impose our values on those who do not already share them." J.D.G.

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