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Permission, Consent & Release Form for Participation of a Minor

I hereby grant my permission and consent for my minor child, __________________ (“my child”, herein), to participate in any and all activities related to TheHumanFuture.net. In granting my permission and consent, my signature below indicates that I understand and agree with each of the following statements:

• TheHumanFuture.net seeks only voluntary participation in its programs and services.

• My child’s participation in TheHumanFuture.net and its Programs is strictly voluntary.

• My child is participating in TheHumanFuture.net Programs without any contemplation of compensation of any kind.

                I have read and I agree on behalf of myself and my child to abide by the Terms of Use posted on the TheHumanFuture.net website, including the Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice which TheHumanFuture.net requires participants to accept as part of their use of TheHumanFuture.net.

                I understand that my child may have access to certain intellectual property by accessing or using TheHumanFuture.net and these properties will contain use terms that must be accepted before use is permitted. By allowing my child to access TheHumanFuture.net , I am accepting these terms of use and I agree on behalf of myself and my child to abide by the use terms, including any grant of rights to TheHumanFuture.net to use feedback or material provided by my child.

                I am legally responsible for any damages resulting from my child’s breach of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the intellectual property of TheHumanFuture.net without regard to whether those actions occur inside or outside my household and without regard to whether those actions occur using computer resources that are under my custody or control.

                In exchange for the benefits that my child will receive by participating in TheHumanFuture.net, I hereby voluntarily agree, on behalf of myself and my child, to assume all of the risks in connection with my child's participation and to permit TheHumanFuture.net to quote or publish statements of my child and to use such writings, documents, photographs, films, videotapes, sound recordings and/or other materials submitted to TheHumanFuture.net by my child  for educational or promotional purposes at the complete discretion of TheHumanFuture.net.

                I understand that my child may be identified in photographs, news stories or publications that the TheHumanFuture.net considers appropriate for release to magazines, newspapers, the World Wide Web sites, and/or other publications. I further understand that any such documents, photographs, films, videotapes, sound recordings and/or written works are the property of TheHumanFuture.net and that neither my child nor I am entitled to any compensation for or rights in these materials.

                I release and discharge TheHumanFuture.net and its directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries, contractors, and agents from and against all claims and losses of any type arising out of or relating to my child’s participation in TheHumanFuture.net .

                 I accept that TheHumanFuture.net is a legal entity of the United States of America and agree to be bound by the applicable laws and jurisdiction of the State of Washington and the United States of America.

Parent’s Signature: _____________________________   

Date Signed: ________________

Parent’s Printed Name: __________________________  

Parent’s Date of Birth: _____________

My Child’s Name: _______________________________

Please keep a copy of this form for your records and return the signed original to: The Human Future, P.O. Box 5413, Bellingham, WA 98227.



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