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If You Don't Create The Human Future, Who Will?

If you want to be a moral protagonist, you might want to start your quest by visiting the memorial site of John David Garcia, our friend, teacher, and fellow protagonist...

If you'd like to read some of the background materials related to the creation and function of THF, check out our founder's site...



If you're really serious about researching this realm, here are enough links to keep you busy for a while...


“Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.”

Isaac Asimov

This list was updated on 10-20-2010. Please let me know if any links don't work.

AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion

A conventional definition of cybernetics

A fun, but not related theory: The Idle Theory of Evolution by Chris Davis

A Short History of Evolutionary Ethics and its Critic by Paul Lawrence Faber




Adaptation and Moral Realism by Wiliam Harms

American Indian Perspective

An overview of evolutionary ethics including the naturalistic fallacy and the is/ought dichotomy

Applied epistemology" - definition

Assorted Index for Uchii's Online Articles

Bibliography of Cognitive Science and Ethics

Biological Altruism entry by Samir Okasha in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Biology Lurks Beneath: Bioliterary Explorations of the Individual versus Society By David P. Barash,

Brief outline of the arguments from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Biological Evolution and Ethics

CalResco Ethics and Self-organizing systems

Can Evolution Explain Morality? by John Kilcullen

Christianity and Evolutionary Ethics: Sketch Toward a Reconciliation by Patricia A. Williams

Common argument fallacies

Comments on the Naturalistic Fallacy by Mortimer J. Adler Ph.D.

Cultural cybernetics


Cybernetics — What? 
Cybernetics and System Dynamics, Calresco

Cybernetics and the Social Behavior Sciences by Gregory Bateson

Darwin on the Evolution of Morality, Soshichi Uchii, Kyoto University

Dr. Chris McDonald's Moral Theory Publications

Economics as Moral Science

Ethical Non-Naturalism (Wikipedia)

Ethics: survey and observations an intro to evolutionary biology by Chris Colby.

Evolution & Ethics, Huxley 1894

Evolution and Ethics

Evolution and Ethics by Beth K. Lamont
Evolutionary Philosophy links

Evolution and Ethics
The Great Debate: Philosophical Responses to Evolution

Evolution and Ethics: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Part 1

Evolution and Ethics: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Part 2

Evolution and Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious Perspective, Philip Clayton and Jeffrey Schloss, (Eds).

Evolutionary Cybernetics, Principa Cybernetica Web

Evolutionary Dynamics

Evolutionary Ethics and the Problems of Altruism by Russell A Jacobs.

Evolutionary Ethics at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Evolutionary Ethics Summary -Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Evolutionary Ethics: A Crack in the Foundation by John Mizzoni

Evolutionary Ethics: Vision and Values for a World of Insurmountable Opportunities by A Laszlo - 2008 Paideia Project On-Line -access to the nearly 1000 papers from the 20th World Congress of Philosophy John Templeton Foundation  Big Questions Essay Series

Evolutionary Origins of Morality Edited by Leonard D. Katz 
Evolutionary Ethics: Principa Cybernetic Web

Game theory and Ethics

Gregory Bateson, the origin of the term Cybernetic Ethics

Herbert Spencer

“How Much for Your Wife?” A Critique of the Pragmatic Assigning of Monetary Values to Ecological Goods and Services by Kate Farell 

In Defense of a Dialectical Ethic Beyond Postmodern Morality by Mark Mason 

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 

Intervening in Evolution: Ethics and Actions by Paul R. Ehrlich

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology by Chris Colby

Is Morality Wired-in?
Mathematics and philosophy

Mathematics For Ethics

Methodological Problems in Evolutionary Biology. (Ch. XII: Against Evolutionary Ethics)

Moral Non-naturalism

Moral Psychology   A list of resources on moral psychology

Moral Psychology I: Where Is Morality in the Brain?

Moral Psychology: Empirical Approaches

Moral Science Club (Blog)

Moral Science Club, University of Nevada

Morality and Evolutionary Biology entry by William FitzPatrick in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Morality Seen as a Biological Adaptation

Natural Ethical Facts: Evolution, Connectivism, and Moral Cognition by William D. Casebeer


On the Naturalistic Fallacy: A Conceptual Basis for Evolutionary Ethics John Teehan, Christopher diCarlo

Organizational Integrity, and how it relates to other practices of applied ethics

Parting with illusions in evolutionary ethics

Personality and Moral Behavior

Peter Singer Ethics in the Age of Evolutionary Psychology

Philosophy sites

Problems with Ethics in an Evolutionary / Materialistic World-View by Paul Gosselin.

Psychological Review (Wikipedia)

Questionable cause fallacies

Recent Cultural Evolution Publications

Remembering the is-ought Distinction by Linda A Nicolosi

Second-order cybernetics definition from Principa Cybernetica

Second-order definition of cybernetics including the mathematics of cybernetic systems.

Semantic and Structural Problems in Evolutionary Ethics by K.G.Ferguson

Sociobiology, Evolution, Genes and Morality by Raymond Bohlin Ph.D.

Soziale Systeme by Heinz von Foerster 

Teaching Darwin Seriously: Addressing Evolution and Ethics by Douglas Allchin

The Basic Problem is Still Survival, and an Evolutionary Ethics is Indispensable by Peter A. Corning

The Biological Basis of Morality by Edward..O. Wilson
The History of Cybernetics. The American Society for Cybernetics
The Is Ought Problem by Gerhard Schurz

The Evolution of Conscience, The Evolution of Moral Codes by C.D. Broad

The Evolution of Ethics An Introduction to Cybernetic Ethics S. E. Bromberg  (Book online)

The Evolution of Morality Chapter 1: The Origin of Personal Morality  by Durant Drake

The Evolution of Morality Chapter II: The Origin of social Morality
The Evolution of Morality and Fairness
The History of Cybernetics. The American Society for Cybernetics.

The History of Evolution
The is-ought Debate by Peter Singer

The Moral Science Paradigm

The Naturalistic Fallacy: The Logic of its Refutation
The Origin and Essence of Ethics: The Religious vs. the Universal, Sadek Jawad Sulaiman
The Philosophy of Biology: A Selection of Readings by Tim Lewens

The Resurgence of Evolutionary Ethics by Richard Weikart (Book Review)

Toward a more pragmatic approach to morality: A critical evaluation of Kohlberg’s model. Krebs, D. L. & Denton, K. (2005).

What is Cybernetics? American Society for Cybernetics
What is Moral Psychology   Stephan Horst

Where do ethics come from? By Paul R. Ehrlich


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